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Come on, we all know the feeling. We’ve had that morning where we woke up with a huge erupted breakout on our face…as well as that OTHER time we took of our makeup and uncovered that huge pimple on our face that formed throughout the day.
Countless acne products are out there. Cleansers, toners, spot treatments, etc. However, those products don’t usually produce immediate results, which is what we so desperately crave. Well…look no further. There are tiny, invisible acne sticks that magically make acne flatten, and nearly disappear overnight. WE KNOW. We aren’t kidding. Known as either “pimple patches” or “acne stickers”, these little dots will adhere to your blemish, helping them disappear like true magic.

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What are they?

Well…while we prefer the name, “pimple patches”, sadly, their official name isn’t as cool.  Their real name is “hydrocolloid bandages”. Hydrocolloid technology is used in blister plasters to help cushion painful sores on the skin and basically “suck out” the fluid inside, so that the plaster absorbs it, instead of the blister popping and scarring the skin. The patches will come in different sizes to fit your blemish perfectly.
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How do they work?

The cellulose base in this technology not only helps to absorb fluid from the blemish, but also keep damaging bacteria and excess water out, so the spot has time to dry and heal. Most patches use simply hydrocolloid technology, but if you had some more stubborn spots you couldn’t shift, some of them also contain Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. What’s also great is that all those sensitive skin peeps out there, there’s no need to worry. These little stickers contain such tiny dosages, they make a big difference WITHOUT irritation.
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Where to use?

These patches work best on spots that have a head and can be easily extracted. USing them on blackheads won’t give you the results you’re looking for. While they’re fairly new in Western Beauty, these little guys are actually a super common in Eastern skincare routines! SURPRISE! The secret behind any Korean beauty’s clear complexion!

Here they are!

Our number one product of choice are the CosRX Acne Master Pimple Patches. They’ve become a favorite within the beauty blogger industry. Skinboss has been selling these like crazy! They are not only SUPER affordable, but they work! Try them now!

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