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Having a bad breakout that you ended up making worse while trying to make it better? Yeah…we’ve been there. Breakouts are frustrating and stubborn, however the last thing you want to do is make it worse. Below are a few tips on what NOT to do when you’re breaking out. If you want to avoid unnecessary inflammation, discoloration, and scarring, then listen up!

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If you’ve recently added a new product to your routine and notice a new breakout, stop using it! Contrary to popular belief, when you get a new breakout, it’s not the time to start getting creative. This can increase further inflammation! Stick to what your skin knows, strip your routine back to basics, and let your skin take a breather.


When skin is freaking out, moisturizer seems like it’ll just clog pores further! Now, if it’s a new moisturizer, it might be, but moisturizer is actually really important for your skin’s protective barrier. Not using it can actually make your skin a lot worse. Using acne treatments without a moisturizer can:
⦁ decrease their effectiveness
⦁ result in dryness, redness, and irritation
⦁ leave skin susceptible to damage and infection.


When most are breaking out, their hands are all over their face, feeling every bump and swollen pore they have. Sometimes they feel to see if they’ve gone down, other times to see if any new ones have popped up. However…all you’re really doing is putting your dirty hands all over your face! Okay, okay, we’re ALL guilty of this – let’s be honest. This habit can be hard to stop!  However, when you’re breaking out you need to be really strict with keeping your hands clean, and off your face as much as possible.


Breakouts can have us re-evaluating our entire skincare routine…especially when it fails to quickly get rid of a breakout! But sometimes the routine is still right, and something else is just off. If your routine has been working well then there’s little reason to think it’s all of a sudden not working. Something else is affecting your skin. Here are a few examples of life events that can have you breaking out:
⦁ More stress
⦁ Change in dietary habits
⦁ Travel
⦁ Change in activity level
⦁ Change in sleep
⦁ New hair products
⦁ Any new skin products
⦁ A new food (allergies)
Even when my skincare routine doesn’t get rid of breakouts on its own, I always go back to my old routine once it’s cleared up.

What do you find makes your breakouts worse or better? Leave a comment below!

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