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If you haven’t heard yet, rubbing snail secretions on your skin is one of the top k-beauty secrets. Yup…snail secretions.  People are becoming obsessed with the results. It’s known to make skin brighter, more even, lessen hyper-pigmentation and scarring, remove wrinkles, and with these proven benefits…I don’t see anyone stopping anytime soon.
Snail mucin is actually amazing at strengthening the skin’s barrier, healing cuts, and protecting against bacteria. It’s also rich in proteins, hyaluronic, anti-microbials, and copper peptides, which helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This could possibly be why people see huge anti-aging benefits, like a reduction of wrinkles and quicker fading of acne scarring.


I’m here, as a proud Skinboss team member, to put this to the test. I rubbed it on my face every single night for a week in hopes to find out the truth. And, let me tell you…this stuff works. Like really, really, works. Typically, it takes me at least a 3 weeks to see results from a product. After the first day, I already saw changes. My skin tone was more even and balanced, which was something I always struggled with.
The first day I started, I noticed a lot of discoloration within my skin. I mean, that was nothing new, but I did notice it becoming more prominent. After two days, my skin was looking amazing, I’m not kidding! I’ve never seen a product work so fast, it was almost like some sort skincare magic.
I saw serious results after the full week. My skin was much more even, clear, and bright. It didn’t cause new acne, which is a plus for me, as I’m always afraid new products will break me out. At this point it feels like a very permanent part of my routine and I don’t see myself ever going without it. I am now a part of this snail secretion fan club and am PROUD of my membership.

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