If You Want Clear Skin – Don’t Mix These Ingredients

The skin care industry is full of products that do everything from healing and repairing, to restoring. With so many active ingredients to choose from, it can be confusing trying to fit them all into a routine. If you make the wrong choice, your skin can become a disaster! But have no fear, instead of trying to fix damage that’s already been done, let’s avoid it altogether! Here’s a list of important ingredients not to mix.


Benzoyl Peroxide can be a huge saving grace when it comes to acne sufferers. Nevertheless, it’s a very powerful ingredient. Benzoyl Peroxide shouldn’t be mixed with:

Retinoids, Hydroxy acids, Vitamin C, Physical Exfoliants

Now, don’t get us wrong. This doesn’t mean that you can’t fit these other ingredients into your routine elsewhere, just use them at a different time of day!

Vitamin C can be applied over BP, just make sure to wait 5-10 minutes for it to dry.


Retinol is the best for fighting acne and signs of aging. Once you hit your mid twenties…retinol should be a go-to in your routine. However, retinol also doesn’t play well with others. Retinol shouldn’t be used with:

Benzoyl peroxide, Hydroxy acids, Vitamin C, Physical exfoliants

Retinol and hydroxy acids both accelerate skin cell turnover. When you use both, your skin gets irritated.  It ends up doing more harm than good, so just make sure you’re using them different days.

Benzoyl peroxide and retinol are both powerful. Using them together can actually cancel eachother out! Using these at different times of the day will prevent wasting any of our products!


Vitamin C is great for  healing and protecting, but it can also get easily be oxidized by improper handling and use. Since vitamin C needs an acidic environment to work, it shouldn’t be used with:

Niacinamide, Retinol, or Hydroxy acids

Mixing vitamin C with acne powerhouse niacinamide will end up making the redness and inflammation in your skin much worse. However, vitamin C does play very well with vitamin E and actually enhances its benefits!

Overall, there aren’t too many ingredients not to mix, and for the most part you may only experience some mild irritation or end up wasting valuable product.

No matter what,  it’s always best to use active ingredients like these at different times of day to avoid all irritation in general!

Have any personal experience with mixing skincare? Let us know below!

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