A Guide to In-Flight Skincare

Most people aren’t aware of how awful traveling is on your skin. The humidity level in an airplane cabin is less than 20% (putting that into context, your home is usually well above 30-35%). What does that mean exactly? Well, the lack of moisture in your air is one of the worst scenarios for your skin. It throws off your pH, causes breakouts, clogged pores, and an overproduction of oil. With that being said, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to maintain your skincare when you travel – not even just in-flight! Being in a different environment throws your skin off. Keep up with your skincare routine throughout your whole trip to ensure clear, glowy skin while you travel.

Skinboss team flight essentials:


Dirt and excess oil build up on your face after a flight, as well as in a new environment. The Beauty Water is the perfect way to clean your skin while balancing your pH levels (that are known to get unbalanced through travel, too). Pack a few cotton pads and you’ll be good to go!


These Moisture Up Pads calm irritated, sensitive skin while smoothing and evening out skin tone. Perfect for a long flight! 


The Mist Toner is not only instantly refreshing and cooling, but hydrating as well. When you travel, moisture is taken out of the skin. Applying this throughout your travels, on a flight, etc, will bring back the moisture your skin needs!

What are your travel skincare essentials? Let us know in the comments below! 

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